Senior Architectural Visualisation Artist

I am a freelance architectural visualiser. I have been working in the Architectural Visualisation arena in the UK since 2003.

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Why Work With Me?

When you’re busy sometimes you need a hand, but getting someone up to speed can be added hassle that you don’t need. You need someone with experience, who knows the industry and understands the pressures on your studio…I am that person.

I have been working in Arch-Vis since 2003 and as well as working in various London and Surrey studios I have also worked directly with my own clients.

I am a problem solver, and take a lot of pride in my work – my desire is to be efficient in all I do, finding the best and quickest way to do things. This is why I love using tools that will enhance my workflow – I’m not afraid to try new things and methods, and always strive to learn in every situation I find myself in.

Oh, and I’m friendly! I get on well with people, and can work well in any setting – whether it be alone or in a team. I deal well with pressure, and am very focussed – I am not easily flappable. I have often been told I am a calming influence. I am motivated to achieve and work hard – I don’t like to waste time.

I know architectural visualisation; I have been working in the industry for over 13 years. During that time I have worked in some of the best studios in London and the UK on the largest of projects through to small ones. During the course of my career, I have worked in-house for two prominent architectural practices.

My background is in architectural design, so I understand architectural language. I can create any level of image that you require and will always strive to convey in my visuals the message that you are trying to communicate.

Being a freelancer makes me agile – I can get working on your project faster, and you will be talking directly to me about those design features that you really need to get across. I am accessible and professional.

Though I am a freelancer, I work closely with other visualisers, and have a network of other creatives which means that I can take on larger projects and work collaboratively to produce high-quality, top class work.

I can handle conceptual work, marketing, virtual tours, planning / verifiable projects and animation.

If you’re a fellow visualiser or 3D artist and you’d like to discuss collaboration, I’m open to discussing the possibilities. Give me a call or drop me a line, it’s always good to meet new people.

You can find me most months at the 3DS London user group, so come and say hi!

You’ve come to the right place! If you would like a quote for some 3D visuals, Virtual Tours, or any sort of visualisation, please get in touch. You will find me professional, helpful and highly skilled.

I know the value of someone who is proactive, and I’d love to chat through any projects you might have.

I can turn my hand to anything – I’m a solid, reliable freelancer. Over the years I have developed tried and tested workflows which means that I can model, texture, light, set up a scene with lighting and camera rigs to get quick feedback. I can finish, animate (a bit), composite, optimise rendering settings, and am fully conversant in Corona and Itoo Railclone & Forest pack.

Here’s a list of my strengths and specialist areas:

What I do best

Verifiable Projects

With a thorough knowledge and experience with verifiable work, I have written my own methodology, and have a relationship with arguably the best survey and photography team available. I have worked on verifiable projects both in house and as a freelancer, and can work ‘white label’ as required, producing all levels of AVR from wirelines through to fully rendered. I also have experience with panoramic verifiable images.

Camera Matching

Verifiable or not, I’ve got a good knack for matching a camera


Conceptual / creative post production

I love an image where I have the freedom to be creative. A lack of detail in a model does not put me off, and I enjoy the challenge of adding detail where there is none, always with the goal of communicating a concept and an idea.


Problem Solving

If I don’t know what’s wrong or how to do it, I’ll figure it out… I believe there is no problem that can’t be solved or circumvented through thought and investigation.

General Post Production

I am organised and creative in my approach to post production. I have developed a studio-friendly workflow, and always try to name my layers and folders, mindful that there might be someone else following after me. I have a good amount of tips and tricks up my sleeve and use them well in my work to achieve quick and excellent results.

Itoo Railclone & Forest Pack

I’m a bit of a geek when it comes to using these plugins – I LOVE what they do, and how they enhance my workflow. I use them at every opportunity that presents itself!


View Composition

I have a good eye for composition, and instinctively know what makes a good shot.

Architectural Understanding

I studied architectural design, and my first 4 years of employment were in a leading architectural practice. I understand the language of architecture, and have been immersed in the arch-vis industry for over 13 years.

Latest posts:

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What Motivates Me?

Being the best ‘me’ I can be. This covers all areas of my life:

My family – I am a mother of two and a wife.

My faith – honouring God; working & living with integrity.

Growing, learning & producing work of the highest standard through my career as a visualiser and artist.

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