Karen Gazzard | Architectural & Landscape Visualiser

Bespoke 3D Modelling

Context Creation

Creating context models and environments has become one of my specialities. Using reference photography, Google maps and street view, I can create context for your project, leaving you to to focus on your scheme.

Soft Landscaping

I have become a specialist in the creation of detailed 3D soft landscapes. Using information provided by the landscape architect or designer, I create beautiful gardens, landscapes and master plan vegetation packs.

As I use Forest Pack for scattering my planted areas, it can continue to be modified and customised as required through future design iterations and modifications.

Planting and vegetation requires a lot of patience, research as well as attention to detail to achieve a good level of realism and quality. I believe the quality of my work speaks for itself.


I can model your architectural model that you don’t have time for, from basic housing through to complex sky-scrapers.
My skill-set lies in creating detailed models from plan in an organised and tidy way. I make sure I name my objects, and put them on logical layers. I can conform to your studio’s conventions if required.