This project caught my eye. Maybe it’s because all over my house there is Lego left by my 5yr old son (and his Daddy), maybe it’s because he’s just got into minecraft – but I think this film and the concept design is beautiful. At a glance, the eye is mistaken into thinking that it is a typical photomontage of a cityscape that one is looking at, but upon closer inspection, a beautiful city made of blocks becomes apparent.

This really drew me in, and I was delighted with a city, cars, trees and people made out of blocks – what a clever way of narrating the design intent of the subject matter without getting bogged down with green screen filming, photo montages and camera tracking – a great concept expertly realised. Now, of course the geek in me wants to know how it was done! What tools/software were used? Any chance of a making-of or case study, @FactoryFifteen?


A concept animation created for HWKN to accompany a book written by Matthias Hollwich and Bruce Mau Design on the subject of ‘New Aging’. The book, architectural design response and the film, communicate an ethos of ‘Live smarter now to live better forever’. The project playfully narrates a future of an increasingly aging population, within which our cities need to adapt, producing socially driven architectural responses…

click to view project on Factory Fifteen’s website

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