Karen Gazzard

Architectural & Landscape Visualisation Artist


Why Work With Me?

I am an architectural and landscape visualiser. I began my career as a visualiser in the UK in 2003 after moving here from New Zealand.

Since then I have worked in some highly respected studios in London on all scale of projects. During the course of my career, I have worked in-house for architects; within arch-vis studios; as a freelancer; as well as directly with clients through my own business. This has exposed me to many different processes, clients and projects, adding depth to my experience and knowledge.

I bring that experience into every project I undertake, and pour my passion and creativity into each new challenge. 

I’d love to hear from you if you have a project you’d like to discuss.

Some of the visualisation studios I have worked with:

Hayes Davidson | DBOX | Cityscape | Arqui9| INK | Vyonyx | ModelWorks Media | BRAG | F10 Studios | Realm | Bionics


Architectural Visualisation

Landscape Visualisation

Bespoke 3D Modelling



I have a fully-equipped work space in the centre of Woking. I am licenced on all my software, and regularly update my hardware and equipment to ensure I am up to date with ever-increasing demands on graphics and processing power.

Latest posts

3ds max Ortho Snap

3ds max Ortho Snap

While drawing a line in 3ds max, do you ever wish you could snap to a specific angle, like 45°? I have wished that for many years. I know there are scripts (like miauu's polyline pro) but why no 3ds max native tools? Ahem, well actually there is - I just found it. You...

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Sini Software

Sini Software

Could this be the next greatest thing since sliced bread?? For several months now, I have been using Sini Software tools and integrating the offerings into my workflow. I thought it was time I wrote a post about it, as some of the features I use every single day, and...

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3ds max infinity plane

3ds max infinity plane

Every now and then, I stumble across a feature in 3ds max that I've never seen before, or known how to use. Today, I found one of them and I can't wait to share it! I have been using Corona for a while now, and one of the features I wished it had was an 'infinite'...

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