acorn illustration using 3D studio Max & Vray

Biodiverse Habitat Visualisation

Client: Environment Bank

Recognising my area of speciality and skill, Environment Bank commissioned me to produce some visualisations of mature proposed biodiverse habitats. This is a perfect example of where CGI is so useful, since it takes around 30 years for a habitat to mature. It enables a person to see and get excited by something that is not yet visible.

Environment Bank are a group of ecologists who are passionate about creating rich, biodiverse habitats,  addressing the loss of biodiversity in the UK, and it has been satisfying to have been working on such an important and rewarding subject matter.

I am showcasing here a 10 second animation of a UK meadow and hedgerow, complete with gently swaying native grasses and wildflowers.

//Rendered in 3dsMax using Corona Renderer//

//Itoo Forest Pack & Growfx used extensively//

If you are interested in learning how I made this project, please check out my blog post here:

Making Of : Biodiverse Habitat