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My studio

I have a fully-equipped work space in the heart of Woking, just 3 minutes walk  from the train station. I am fully licenced on all my software, and regularly update my hardware and equipment to ensure I am up to date with ever-increasing demands on graphics and processing power.

I am used to working with some of the best Arch-Vis agencies, and use screen-sharing software and skype to ensure I am an accessible resource and seamless extension of the in-house team.

My Toolset:

My Skillset:

Though I am a strong all-rounder, I have special experience/interest/skill in the following aspects of Arch-Vis:

Landscape Projects
Masterplan Projects
View Composition
Conceptual/Competition Visuals

approx cups of coffee consumed per project...

steps up to my office (and I often forget things, and only realise when I get all the way to the bottom)

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